[Bonus Episode] Guided Meditation: Drop In

[Bonus Episode] Guided Meditation: Drop In




How would you like to improve your legal practice and increase your well being, in only 6 minutes per day? I can show you how to build a more sustainable, peaceful and productive law practice with just a tiny investment of your time.

I’m excited to introduce you to my new online course, “Mindful Pause: 6 Minutes to Better Lawyering.”

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Who is Mindful Pause for?

It’s for lawyers who want to find a better way to create a more sustainable, joyful, and fulfilling law practice. Often, we as lawyers are not taught healthy behaviors or tools for managing the stress, anxiety, and daily pressures we face. Mindful Pause will create an accessible and enjoyable entry into practices that can reduce anxiety, improve focus and clarity, and enrich the quality of life.

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