Concrete Strategy to Move from Rumination to Action

Concrete Strategy to Move from Rumination to Action


Ever feel completely paralyzed by overanalysis? Having the same, worried, repetitive, unhelpful, unproductive thoughts, over and over again?

This is one of the biggest hurdles lawyers often face when they’re thinking about any type of transition — it can be whether to move from one job to another, quit law altogether, have a child, or leave a dysfunctional marriage.

The way lawyers think about any transition tends to overly focus on the end result. Will it be a success or a failure?

What we often fail to focus on is the process itself. Life is always a series of transition. Sure, some transitions are much smaller and certainly not as disruptive but we’re constantly evolving and changing.

How we show up for transitions is as important as what happens at the end of the transitional period.

Rather than try to resist change, what if you can learn to embrace it? Show up for the transition with curiosity? Instead of getting caught up in self-judgment and negative self-talk, you can learn to be friendlier towards yourself?

There are many tools you can learn and implement to show up for life’s unexpected bumps with more confidence and ease.

In the video below, I share one simple practice you can use to interrupt the overanalytical thinking, to move from rumination into action.

Working with negative self-talk from Jeena Cho on Vimeo.

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