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Mindfully Writing

Mindfulness + Free Form Writing.

Mindfully Writing, a writing group for lawyers. We’ll use mindfulness as a way to connect with what the words that you’ve been longing to write.

— Connect with your creativity.
— Write for the pleasure of it.
— Go on a journey to connect with yourself.
— Carve out time and space to write.

Register for the June session.

Mindful Pause: 31 Days of Bite-Sized Practices for Cultivating More Joy and Satisfaction

What if you could create a more sustainable, peaceful, and productive law practice in just 6-minutes a day?

Regular, deliberate practice over a sustained period of time is the key to better lawyering.

Online, On Demand Mindfulness Training for Lawyers

Webinar: 3 Proven Ways of Overcoming Anxiety

1-hour webinar. Instant access.

— Understanding the anxious lawyer brain
— Using mindfulness to soothe anxiety
— Techniques for working with the anxious mind
— Learning to take a kinder stance towards yourself and the anxiety
— Learning to identify “thinking errors” (Cognitive distortions) and changing thoughts that are triggering anxiety

Mindful Pause

Spend 6 minutes per day for 31-days to practice mindfulness and meditation.

— Reduce stress and anxiety
— Gain control over your time
— Find healthier ways of relating to and working with negative thoughts
— Reduce mind wandering
— Increase focus and concentration