Week 1

Week 1

Week One 

Well-Being Practice: Creating a Spa-like Experience in the Shower

Consider for a moment the last time you showered. What thoughts were going through your mind? Perhaps you were busily running through your to-do list. Or had a moment of panic because you couldn’t remember if you sent out that proposal. Or maybe you were rehearsing what you were going to say on a call later in the day.

What if, instead of having your mind busily run in 100 different directions, you simply paid attention to what is happening? What if, when you turned on the shower and put your hand under it to check the temperature, you fully paid attention to that sensation? What if you got into the shower and enjoyed the sensations of the hot water running down your skin? What if you simply enjoyed this luxurious experience with gratitude? How would that change your day?

For this week, we invite you to practice “mindful showering.” During the time you’re showering, gently keep your focus on the physical sensations you experience as you shower. Similar to the body scan meditation, bring your full attention to your body as you bathe.

As you wash your left foot, pause and really take the time to look, feel, and notice it. As you do this, undoubtedly, your mind will wander. When that happens, do not be distressed by it or judge yourself. Simply bring your attention back to the sensation of the shower—the hot water, the foaming soap, scents of the various products—and how it feels on your body. See if you can turn your shower into a spa experience. After all, queens and kings throughout history have never enjoyed the luxuries we enjoy.

Body Scan Meditation

0.1 Hour (6 minutes)

Practice Tip

It’s helpful to have an open and curious attitude towards yourself as you go through this program. Imagine that you are a scientist, studying your own mind. Meditation is a wonderful tool to use for increasing self-knowledge and awareness.