Week Three

Well-Being Practice: Noticing Transitional Moments

Throughout our workdays we routinely face are so full of competing demands we can easily lose touch with what is going on in the current moment. We can be so busy trying to juggle commitments and anticipating problems that we continuously project our thoughts into the future, without fully focusing on what is happening right in front of us. Ironically, only in the present moment can anything actually be accomplished!

This week, make a point to come back into the present during your moments of transition from one task to the next. When you finish a phone call, before immediately jumping into answering e-mail, take a few seconds to reconnect with your surroundings. Look around your office. Feel your feet on the floor or your breath in your body. Notice the sunlight playing across your desk. Say to yourself, “I am here.” Then move to your next task from that place of connection with the present.