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Mindfully Writing

Mindfulness + Free Form Writing.

Mindfully Writing, a writing group for lawyers. We’ll use mindfulness as a way to connect with what the words that you’ve been longing to write.

— Connect with your creativity.
— Write for the pleasure of it.
— Go on a journey to connect with yourself.
— Carve out time and space to write.

Mindfulness Daylong Retreat for Legal Professionals

Cultivation of Joy and Compassion: A Daylong Mindfulness Retreat for Legal Professionals

The incessant and often unreasonable demands of being a lawyer take a big toll on the well-being of those of us in the profession. This is exacerbated as many of us work in dysfunctional and uncaring office environments or in a practice with constant conflict.

This daylong retreat will focus on practices designed to incline the mind and heart to states of joy, compassion and gratitude and to soften the heart.

You’re invited to a day of silent periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation and some movement with teachings and instruction. We will practice mindfulness as well as compassion practices.

Part of the day will be in Noble Silence, but there will also be an opportunity for mindful group discussion to foster a sense of community and break the sense of isolation that can accompany law practice.

April 14th, 10:00 – 4:00 PM (Saturday)
Spirit Rock, Woodacre, CA

Online, On Demand Mindfulness Training for Lawyers

Webinar: 3 Proven Ways of Overcoming Anxiety

1-hour webinar. Instant access.

— Understanding the anxious lawyer brain
— Using mindfulness to soothe anxiety
— Techniques for working with the anxious mind
— Learning to take a kinder stance towards yourself and the anxiety
— Learning to identify “thinking errors” (Cognitive distortions) and changing thoughts that are triggering anxiety

Mindful Pause

Spend 6 minutes per day for 31-days to practice mindfulness and meditation.

— Reduce stress and anxiety
— Gain control over your time
— Find healthier ways of relating to and working with negative thoughts
— Reduce mind wandering
— Increase focus and concentration