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Online, On Demand Mindfulness Training for Lawyers


Upcoming Workshop: Mindful Pause

Spend 6 minutes per day to practice mindfulness and meditation.

— Reduce stress and anxiety
— Gain control over your time
— Find healthier ways of relating to and working with negative thoughts
— Reduce mind wandering
— Increase focus and concentration

Launching: October 9, 2017

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What’s Included:

Two instructional sessions and 21 guided meditation sessions (30 minutes per session)

Instructional Sessions:
1. Setting Your Intentions — We’ll begin our workshop by pausing to reflect and looking forward. This session will help to clarify the reasons for your meditation practice and carving out space as well as time.

2. Introduction to Mindfulness — In this session, you’ll gain a solid understanding of what mindfulness is and basics of setting up your daily meditation practice.

Cost: $129.00 (includes unlimited access to all videos)

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What’s Included:

One hour of experiential workshop. Learn three concrete tools to help you work with and overcome your anxiety. You’ll be able to immediately put these tools to use after this workshop.

Cost: $49.00 (includes unlimited access to video)

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