Data Driven & Research Based Applied Mindfulness Course

How today’s busy lawyers can improve focus and increase job satisfaction

Programs are designed to deliver mindfulness training in bite-sized pieces that can be incorporated into lawyer’s busy schedule.

⇒ Data Driven
⇒ Verified Effectiveness
⇒ Tailored for Lawyers

8-Week Course Detail

Part I: Wellness Assessment

This program is data driven and verified. We start the program with a survey that measures physical, mental, and social well-being of the attorneys. This is measured by PROMIS®, developed by NIH – a highly reliable, precise measure of overall well-being. (See: PROMIS methodology.) The survey is critical in measuring the effectiveness of the program and tailoring the program to meet the firm’s specific needs.

Part II: Program

Class size is limited to create a safe and supportive environment. During class, we’ll discuss the many challenges of practicing law and develop ways to integrate our mindfulness practice in our daily lives.

The workshop is highly interactive and experiential. Attorneys will have an opportunity to try the tools presented during the workshop so that they can start experiencing the benefits immediately. It’s not just about teaching mindfulness but rather teaching applied mindfulness. The goal of the workshop is to arm each attorney with a menu of tools he or she can draw from when faced with a difficulty or challenge – in other words, increase resiliency.

One common feedback we have received over the years in teaching this course is a sense of “I am not alone in my struggles.” This is an incredibly powerful experience for lawyers where there’s seemingly never any room for weakness, errors, and it can often feel as though you’re the only one that’s struggling.

This 8-weeks course is based on the curriculum in the book, The Anxious Lawyer, which will be published by the American Bar Association in January 2016.

Part III: Wellness Assessment

We’ll administer the wellness assessment and report the findings.