[Webinar] 3 Proven Ways of Overcoming Anxiety

Do you spend too much time worrying? Struggle with persistent anxiety? Does anxiety hold you back from performing at your peak? 

Wish you could let go of the constant worrying and catastrophizing?

Join Jeena Cho for this experiential workshop and learn concrete strategies to help you work with and overcome your anxiety.

This is an online event.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the anxious lawyer brain
  • Using mindfulness to soothe anxiety
  • Techniques for working with the anxious mind
  • Learning to take a kinder stance towards yourself and the anxiety
  • Learning to identify "thinking errors" (Cognitive distortions) and changing thoughts that are triggering anxiety
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This is an online event. You’ll be able to watch instantly after purchase.

Who is this workshop is for?
Lawyers and legal professionals who are interested in learning tools for managing anxiety more productively. If you’re constantly stressed, anxious, and always feel like you’re three steps behind, this workshop is for you.

How long is it?

What if I need additional support?

As part of the program, I am offering two 30-minute coaching sessions. This is an opportunity to discuss your specific situation and for me to support you in working through what is holding you back.

What does it cost?
This workshop is $59. You can also add on one-on-one coaching sessions for an additional $179. (Two 30-minute sessions.)

Workshop Options

About Jeena Cho

I teach lawyers to harness the power of mindfulness to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing focus and concentration. I have special insights into what lawyers go through because I am a lawyer.

I started my legal career as an assistant state attorney in 2004, handling domestic violence cases, and I have been practicing bankruptcy law at JC Law Group PC since 2009.

I’m the co-author of The Anxious Lawyer, the first book published by the American Bar Association on mindfulness and meditation. Today I speak, coach, and provide training to law firms on how lawyers can use mindfulness to boost productivity while enjoying a happier and more fulfilling professional and personal life.